OTA / Over The Air – means an update that comes over the net. Sometimes called FOTA, Firmware Over The Air.

Root – SuperUser flashed onto Android, giving you SuperUser access to files and folders. That way you can alter anything on an Android based phone, but you can also wreck things just as easy.

10:08 – This is the time that shows on ALL or most HTC phones in their promo pics. The reason for this is pretty simple. When taking photos of analogue clocks in the past they set the clock to between 10:08 or 10:10 since that looked a bit like a smiling face and the hands of the clock didn’t cover the logo and such. And that just carried over to digital clocks as well, Seiko and Casio still does this. And the day is still young!

Droider needs to find a charger *blip* – Means that human behind Droider is exhausted and needs to sleep a bit.