Competition with Droider and HTC – ended

Winners are:
Sandra Monteiro
Kirsty Jack
Arun Kumar Nechlani
William Edward Roberts

This is Your chance to win! Droider teams up with HTC to give you a chance to win one out of FOUR One V. Yes, People. You read it right. FOUR* brand new One V sent anywhere in the world**!

 The catch with the phones is that they are Europe, Middle eastern, Africa (EMEA), Asia banded for GSM 3G. So sadly there will not be phones adapted for the american market.

* you can just win ONE phone..
** not where the phones will not work 


So, what does this competition take?

  1. When was the One V launched and in what City and Country?
    February 26th, Barcelona, Spain.
  2. When was Droider Now (this site) relaunched?
    July 4th was the site relaunched, and rebranded July 5th and 6th
  3. How much RAM does the One V got?
  4. In what city and country is Droider based?
    Tyresö, Stockholm, Sweden. This was the sneaky question.
  5. Where does HTC got their head office (company head head office)?
    Taipei. Or: Taoyuan City, Taipei. Or: Taoyuan City, Taoyuan, Taiwan. Country of course: Taiwan
  6. This is the FUN part: I want to know why just YOU deserve one ONE V, this you can do by writing an essay. A drawing. A movie. A photo slideshow. Just be creative! Just Go Nuts!
  7. MUST be in english, if unsure use google translate.
  8. ONE entry per person!
  9. Those things you will find at HTC and the Droider facebook. There’s stuff on my Twitter as well.

Send this to marked Summer Competition 2012 latest July 15th 23:59 CET. Things I’ve seen before, or that are obviously not done by you will be disqualified right away. And spread the word about the competition! ALL over facebook! If you got questions about it, post here or the facebook site.

The winners will be presented the following days (after July 15th) here on this page and on the facebook page.  I will evaluate entries based on both how correct they are, and how fun/good they are. Wrong answer(s) can be saved by a really good story, and a really bad story can be saved by correct answers.

Extra charges due to customs and such might have to be paid by the winner. All phones are shipped directly to the winner from HTC. Phones might not come with charger for your country/region. And all other things outside my control. ONE entry per person.